Welcome to my page !


I have always loved drawing and painting and my art is an interpretation of my own personal view of the world and surroundings.
We live on the same planet, in different countries, speak different languages and share one great thing – love of life.

Together we make this planet a better place to live, and we do it responsibly and in good conscience.

I strive for the same thing as you - to achieve the best result. I appreciate everything in my live and I believe that everything is possible. I strive to be professional in the field I work creating value for the world and people. This world is a place for our own growth, development and self-realization.

Working methods

I work in an abstract design language using different materials and techniques. I have previously worked with clay, wood, textile print, silkscreen print and sewing. I am currently working mainly with watercolour and digital illustrations.
Why watercolour? The answer is that I love drips and flow, spatters of paint, and surprising directions of a painting by letting pigments respond to paper and water. 
My work is all about showing the incomprehensible beauty that exists around me in nature and people. Creating for me is like a self-therapy, knowing myself and looking around me, not hanging on to what I see, sometimes this is just an illusion and imagination, but also an interpretation of what is elusive in existence. I find new forms and expressions that cannot be completely defined but which can be understood and experienced personally and intuitively. I am happy when people give me feedback on how they experience what I create.
The goal is to provide some inner meaning and interpretation for everyone who sees my work.

Facts about me

1991 Liepaja Applied Art School, Ceramic Department, Latvia. Worked for several years as a ceramist in Latvia.
2004 Norwegian Business School, Oslo. Bachelor of Science in Business and IT Management. I love working with numbers and management, so my main job is within this field.

2016 Personal exhibition in Riga, Latvia (paintings), as well as 2 collective exhibitions with the members of the folk-art group “Dzīne" Riga, Latvia (wood carving). My works are sold in Europe, the USA and Scandinavia. I am currently living in Oslo, Norway.

My paintings are available both as digital files and original paintings.
I am also open for collaboration with artists and designers.

I am hopeful to uplift the human spirit and inspire others to join me as I continue my artful journey and I am glad to share my artwork with people around the globe.

It is so nice to meet you here!

Sincerely yours,